The New Web Site

My first web site was constructed with iWeb. This is an easy piece of software to get my head around as a non-web designer but it had it’s drawbacks, and limits. Now I’m tackling RapidWeaver. It’s easy enough to use but there are a ton of possible add-s, which you may or may not read. I recommend spending a little time with a book or some tutorial videos before spending a lot of cash on software you may not need. My thanks to Joe Workman for creating Stacks and for writing the book that got this site up and running. Props also to Ryan Smith and the RapidWeaver Classroom tutorials.
For me, the process is a busman’s holiday. I spend a lot of time teaching other people how to use software. It helps to occasionally experience this process from the other side from time to time so I remember what that feels like. I also get to use the sort of books and tutorials I create. So I am evaluating the presentation of information as well as trying to absorb the content of the lessons. I take all of that experience forward into my next project and try and make that better so you can learn faster and be more productive.