Music Engraving Services

Vince started as a copyist in the days of pen and ink and supplied work for major artists, publishers, musical theater pieces and large ensembles.  His computer engraving experience began with Score and continued with Finale, since version 1, Sibelius, since version 3 and Notion 3.  With the pens now retired, Vince is fully electronic and can deliver product anywhere via the world wide web, or show up in person and be the librarian. Experience includes projects for major educational publishers, recording session projects, symphony orchestra concerts, opera and musical theater. Extras include MIDI playback of notation files for proofing, rehearsals, pre records and mockups.

Past Projects

The Philly Pops - Resident copyist and Librarian
Peter Nero
The Philadelphia Orchestra - 151st Academy of Music Gala with Blue Man Group and Billy Joel
Doc Severinsen
Chuck Mangione
Jeff Tyzik
Allen Vizzutti

Musical Theater
  • Twist (Walnut St.)
  • Another Kind of Hero (Walnut St.)
  • Mike (aka Ain't Broadway Grand) (Walnut St.)
  • The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (AMTF)
  • Riverview (Goodman)
  • Embarrassments (Wilma)

  • Vanqui
  • Portrait of a Nude Woman as Cleopatra
  • Transitions: Sung Stories
  • Redwall
  • Burning Bright

Library Services, Music Scanning and Archiving

Preserving older manuscripts is an important part of handing down our musical legacy to future generations. If you have any manuscripts that require converting to digital format for use or just for archiving so aging masters do not have to be handled repeatedly, scanning is the best option. The resulting digital files can be printed at will, and stored in a way that is easily catalog-able, searchable and printable. File formats available include PDF, .tif, .jpg and xps.
who I am
I'm a musician who has embraced the technology side of the world, with all it's features and flaws, who is trying to make a living, and pass on what I'm learning as I go through this thing called life.
contact me
Telephone: (484) 315-8318
Fax: (484) 315-8243
what I do
I create, I record, I sell it to strangers.

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