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Invinceable Entertainment is a music production and recording company. It combines the experience and expertise of producer, engineer, guitarist and writer Jack Klotz, Jr. and producer, composer, arranger, studio owner Vince Leonard. Goals are to produce and record artists deserving wider recognition and help them reach new audiences by having a recoded product and to promote artists with a positive outlook and message. Also to grow 3IPS Studio into a more versital facility through use of the latest in affordable digital technology. Using creative production methods, recordings can be produced on small budgets thereby acheiving profitability with fewer sales. New distribution channles, most notably the internet, open new markets and means of reaching potential customers. Samples of music, bios, photos and press kits can all be accessed via computer but journalists and consumers alike.

Both Vince & Jack are active in arts education and hope to always perserve time to pass along all that they have learned to others who share the dream of persuing a career in the music industry.

Representitive List of Past Recording and Production Projects

復活の歌 (Fukkatsu no Uta) :Song of Rising (2012, web-based song & video release)

Tom Szy: Your Thoughts At Night (2010, self-released by artist)

Leslie Burrs / Barbara Chase-Riboud: Egypt’s Nights (2009, Opera North Productions)

Skyfall: Scenes (2008, self release by artist)

Bully for You! (2005) Commissioned by the Amaryllis Theater Company

Leslie Burrs: Impressions of Another You (2004, Dreambox Media, DMJ-1076) - Digital re-mastering for 1986 concert recording of Jazz Pianist Kenny Barron and Flutist Leslie Burrs

Leslie Burrs: Blue Harlem, Black Knight (2004, Dreambox Media, DMJ-1009) - Digital re-mastering for contemporary Jazz recording featuring bassist Gerald Veasley, percussionists “Doc” Gibbs and Daryl Burgee, keyboardists Bobby Jones and Mark Knox, and many others

Mainstreamed (2003) - Commissioned by the Amaryllis Theater Company and premiered at the Prince Music Theater

All Washed Up (2002 / 2003) - Co-producer, Orchestrator and MIDI Programming for 20-minute children’s musical about environmental awareness presented by the Academy of the Natural Sciences in Philadelphia

Leslie Burrs: Princess Antigone (2003, Composer’s Demo - not for commercial release) - Highlights from a musical theater piece featuring performances by pianist, Mark Kramer and bassist, Gerald Veasley

P3 Tennis: Letting Your Mind Be Your Competitive Edge - Serving (2003) - Self-hypnosis / performance improvement audio program created by Villanova University Professors Nick Rosa, PhD and Jean Craft, PhD

Reaching For A Cure (2002) - For the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Upper Darby Summer Stage Shooting Stars Holiday To Remember CD (2002)

Isabelle and the Pretty Ugly Spell (2002, Demo Recording, not for release)

(Make Me) Purr / Girl On The Verge Of Having Fun (2001, Music for Film) - Original songs for independent film Trust Dance; Mike Walsh, director

Chakaba: Walking With The Spirits (2000, Artist Demo - not for commercial use) - Experimental electronic Jazz ensemble featuring flutist and composer Leslie Burrs, bassist Gerald Veasley and percussionist Leonard “Doc” Gibbs

Upper Darby Summer Stage: On The Brink Of Tomorrow (2000, IE Records; 00100)

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals: International Product Roll-out - Viagra® (1998, multimedia event) - Original music composed for the event

Captain Courteous (1997 / 1998, Radio Program Broadcasts) - 22 episodes of 2-minute comedic skits for WXPN-FM “Kid’s Corner” on the topics of manners and conflict resolution

Upper Darby Summer Stage: Magic Up Our Sleeve (1996, IE Records; 00196) Placed in consideration for Grammy nomination in three categories (peer submission)

Videos from the Invinceable Entertainment YouTube Channel

Fukkatsu no Uta (Song of Rising)

Voices of Japan and America - joined in a message of hope and encouragement for all those still suffering from the effects of the March 11 disasters. A collaboration between an American university professor & guitarist, a Japanese singer-songwriter, and their friends on both sides of the Pacific - written in Tokyo and Philadelphia and recorded in 5 studios across both countries.
Proceeds benefit the Temple University Japan Relief Fund to assist college students from disaster-hit areas who have had their education disrupted to be able to continue their studies at Temple University in Tokyo or Philadelphia:
Written by Jack Klotz, Jr., Satoru Sasaki & Naoko Masuda
Prelude "It Felt Like the End of All Things" and Orchstrations by Vince Leonard
Video by Naoko Masuda & Natsumi Kitano.
Drums: Andy Kravitz, Matt Palmer and members of the Philadelphia Taiko Group
Bass, Guitars, & Shamisen: Jack Klotz, Jr.
Background Vocals: Atsuko Suda, Christopher Sapienza, Ed Sweeney, Naoko Masuda, Jack Klotz, Jr.
Spoken Word (prelude): Atsuko Suda, Sayuri Okayasu-Decky, Naoko Masuda, John David Klotz, Stephen Klotz
Chorus: members of Temple University's Japanese Students Association & Japanese Conversation Club
Recorded by: Jack Klotz, Jr., Andy Kravitz, & Satoru Sasaki
Mixed by: Jack Klotz, Jr.; Mastered by: Phil Nicolo
Produced by Jack Klotz, Jr. & Vince Leonard / Assoc. Producer, Naoko Masuda

TUTV London Olympics Music Demo

Invinceable Entertainment provided theme and production music for TUTV's coverage of London during the 2012 Olympic Games. The clip features the opening and closing themes composed by Vince Leonard featuring Jack Klotz, Jr. on guitar.

TUTV Temple Votes Opening Theme

Invinceable Entertainment provided theme and production music for TUTV's coverage of London during the 2012 Olympic Games. The clip features the opening and closing themes composed by Vince Leonard featuring Jack Klotz, Jr. on guitar.

Silent Night - HD Version

"One of my fondest memories of Christmas as a child revolves around my mother's Nativity set. The day that mom got it out, you KNEW it was Christmas! And hers had a little music box inside that played "Silent Night" - I remember spending hours sitting on the living room floor winding and re-winding that music box... so "Silent Night" has always been my favorite Christmas song; and that memory is what inspired this arrangement, featuring soprano guitar in the role of the music box. Enjoy!"
Jack Klotz, Jr., December 2012

Sam Ples and the Silicon Symphony, Featuring Mac Whackadoo on Percussion

Attention composers! Vince and Jack have spent a lot of years working with Sam and Mac creating virtual orchestra tracks for a variety of clients. Should you have a need for orchestra tracks but have budget limitations that prevent hiring the real thing, contact us. We may be able to help you realize your project using our "in house" orchestra. Sam's work can be found on the Composing & Arranging page. The orchestra's most recent recordings are Flight Is Possible, which features a live chorus, and Heartland with special guest trumpet soloist Phil Feo.
who I am
I'm a musician who has embraced the technology side of the world, with all it's features and flaws, who is trying to make a living, and pass on what I'm learning as I go through this thing called life.
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Telephone: (484) 315-8318
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I create, I record, I sell it to strangers.

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