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Finale & Sibelius Courses

Vince is currently offering online courses in both Finale and Sibelius through VanderCook College of Music. Please visit the VanderCook MECA course website for course offerings and dates.

Clinics and Workshops

Vince is available for clinic and workshop presentations as his schedule permits. He also has presented with co-author Tom Rudolph, and production partner Jack Klotz on the subjects of music notation with Finale and sibelius, and digital recording using Pro Tools and Digital Performer. For more information and availability, please email. Tom and Jack are extra.
who I am
I'm a musician who has embraced the technology side of the world, with all it's features and flaws, who is trying to make a living, and pass on what I'm learning as I go through this thing called life.
contact me
Telephone: (484) 315-8318
Fax: (484) 315-8243
what I do
I create, I record, I sell it to strangers.

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