iPad In The Music Studio

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The iPad in The Music Studio focuses on the iPads connectivity to the professional, project, and home music studios. The authors take you on a tour of the latest iPad-related music hardware and software on the market. Get a firsthand look at: Hardware to link microphones and instruments for live multitrack recording Controlling desktop software with the iPad Using the iPad and iPhone with mixers The iPad and Guitar EFX software and hardware DJ equipment and apps Using the iPad to publish and distribute your music on social media This book will guide you step by step through the most popular and productive apps for the iPad 2, third- or fourth-generation iPad , or iPad mini-running the latest versions of the iOS. Written by two experienced authors of music technology textbooks, training, and courses, The iPad in The Music Studio provides guidance on the best apps for music and how to apply them in your musical life.

Musical iPad

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Thousands of music apps -- designed to assist you with every aspect of your life as a musician, hobbyist, student, or educator -- are available for the iPad. This book guides you step by step through the most popular and productive apps for the iPad 2, iPad (3rd or 4th generation), or iPad mini running iOS 6. This book provides guidance for using the best iPad music apps and demonstrates how to apply them in your musical life. The authors, experienced in the creation of music technology textbooks, training, and courses, maintain a companion website that includes useful video tutorials and updates. With ''Musical iPad: Performing, Creating, and Learning Music on Your iPad,'' you'll learn how to:
Use musicianship apps to help you stay in tune and keep your voice or instrument in shape
Use cloud storage to share music and data files with other devices
Turn the iPad into a tuner, metronome, and practice aid
Emulate a host of acoustic and electronic instruments
Use your iPad as a virtual sheet music resource for all your performance and practice needs
Learn to play an instrument with your iPad
Compose and share music on your iPad And much, much more!

Finale: An Easy Guide to Music Notation - 3rd Edition

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Everything you want to know about music notation with Finale! Master Finale step-by-step with the most complete how-to guide available. Designed for both novice and experienced users, this is your detailed resource to fully understanding and applying all of Finale's remarkable capabilities. Easy-to-follow instructions help you to: create publisher-quality music notation; learn to use the tools of Finale while writing your own music and arrangements; get started immediately with hundreds of professional templates, partially completed notation files, and libraries available on the companion website (www.FINALEBOOK.com); print transposed parts from scores automatically; write standard notation, guitar tablature, drum set parts, and more with this comprehensive hands-on tutorial. Teachers can create warm-up and practice exercises; write their own compositions, arrangements and method books; and simplify parts for students.

The companion website,
www.FINALEBOOK.COM, offers: * Tutorial Files * Samples of partially completed and finished music notation files for each of the hundreds of hands-on exercises in the book * Libraries of articulations and dynamics * Additional chapters * Professional Templates: Choral, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, Orchestra, Single Line and Grand Staff, Pit and Show, and Sketch and Utilities templates including a Cue Sheet for radio and TV.

"This book excels at teaching Finale in an easy-to-understand, sequential manner. Rudolph and Leonard have loads of experience. Beginners and seasoned Finale users will benefit from what these two teach." Tom Johnson, Finale Product Specialist, MakeMusic!, Inc.

Sibelius: A Comprehensive Guide To Sibelius Music Notation Software - 2nd Edition

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Master Sibelius music notation software step by step with the most complete how-to guide available. Now fully updated with new examples and descriptions of features in Sibelius 6, this essential reference is designed for both novices and experienced musicians, composers, producers, and arrangers, containing a variety of examples - from single-line melodies to complex scores. Written by two proven trainers and expert authors in the field of music notation software, this book will be a constant reference for all of your Sibelius questions and needs.

Recording in the Digital World

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Build the perfect digital studio, no matter what your budget.
Creating professional-quality digital recordings does not require buying the most expensive equipment. It does require buying the right equipment and knowing how to use it effectively. Recording in the Digital World provides professional advice and recommendations on studio gear, software, and the latest technologies.
Learn to create, edit, and master digital recordings like a pro with the practical tips and extensive suggestions featured in this guide. Experienced recording engineers share their invaluable expertise on microphone, mixing, and mastering techniques that can be applied in any studio, along with in-depth technical specifications.
A complete overview of all digital recording options, including: - A guide to what to buy and how to use it - Practical advice for developing digital studios at three different price levels, with budgets from $1,000 to $30,000 - Simple-language explanations of digital-world terminology and concepts - Descriptions and estimated costs for the elements of today's studios, including instruments, microphones, mixers, recording media, computers, software, and more - Objective information and experts' professional preferences on gear and recording techniques
This is the most comprehensive guide available for professional musicians, music educators, and music hobbyists who want to explore the world of digital recording. The wealth of information provided will help you select the appropriate equipment and software for your studio and assist you in making the best possible digital recordings.

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